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Swingrowers are known for their mixture of JAZZ, SWING, POP and ELECTRO, they have extensively toured Europe and North America, opening sell-out shows for Parov Stelar, Chinese Man & Caravan Palace. On top of delivering official remixes for Caro Emerald and Swing Republic, Swingrowers also boast musical collaborations with The Lost Fingers, Gypsy Hill, DJ Pony Montana and have had their own songs remixed by Bart&Baker and Jamie Berry. Following on from their debut album ‘Pronounced Swing Grow’ers' in 2012, Swingrowers have released their second album ‘REMOTE’ in early 2015. The band is working now on the third Album will be released early month of 2018 and the new single ‘Butterfly’ has been released in April 2017.

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  • "These guys are complete naturals and a very exciting find for us. 
For me they were a complete stand-out in the world of electro swing, coming out of nowhere with a very polished sound. We are very pleased to have signed them."

    Nick Hollywood
  • "Swingrowers have, with this album, cemented their position as one of the most interesting and innovative electro-swing groups on the scene..." 

    Jack the Cad’s
  • "There is only a few bands in the electroswing community that can achieve an album with consisten quality catchy tunes and great vocals. The Swingrowers are today’s best underground response to the massive success of Caro Emerald."

    Bart from Bart&Baker
  • "There’s Something unique this Italian crowd bring to their brand of Electro Swing"

    Craig Charles
  • "I’ve really been enjoying this album lately. There’s something unique this Italian crowd bring to their brand of Electro Swing."

    Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show (BBC 6 Music)
  • “The Swingrowers are today’s underground response to the massive success of Caro Emerald"

  • "Swingrowers new album ticks all the boxes”

    Jack The Cad

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